The lamp is not turned on or blinks while in use.

Is the water supply too low? At least 1.4 liters per minute is necessary. Adjust it by opening the adjustment valve.

The power turns off and water supply stops while in use.

Depending on water quality, the machine may shut down and stop supplying water to protect itself. Wait about a minute and reuse the machine by pushing the POWER button.

If water pressure changes abruptly, the machine will detect this and may shut down. Readjust water pressure.

The lamp is on but the machine does not respond to button operation.

There is a problem in the PCB circuit due to water leakage. Unplug it, close the supply valve and contact your distributor or our office.

After purification or cleaning the alkaline lamp turns on.

The system returns to the alkaline mode automatically once you stop the water supply after the purification or cleaning mode. This is not a problem.

When attempting to select the alkaline or cleaning mode the lamp turns off and buttons wont work.

Depending on water quality the machine may shut down automatically to protect itself. it will return to normal in 30 minute. If it does not, remove and reinsert the power plug.

After filter replacement the indicator does not reset to 000

Check if it was unplugged. Insert the power plug and push the reset button


The filter indicator blinks 999

It is time to replace the filters. Replace with new filters following the instructions. 

Throughput is too low early on. This is not a problem, replace the filters

After one year of use, the filter indicator still does not blink 999

If daily throughput is less than 10 liters, the filters may last longer than a year. This is not a problem. It is recommended to replace the filters after a year.

No control lamp lights up troubleshooting

Check if it was unplugged. Check the power plug. If the plug is inserted it is a machine malfunction. Remove the power plug and request service from our office.

Water tastes or smells strange

Filtering capacity of the filters has degraded. Replace the filters. If water supply is contaminated falling below potable water standards, the filters may degrade very quickly.

The supply of ionized water is too low or no ionized water is supplied

Is water supply pressure too low? This is not a problem, consult our office. 

Was the adjustment valve incorrectly adjusted? Readjust the adjustment valve.

Was there a blackout or water outage? Wait until electric power or water supply resumes.

Is the Solenoid valve protection filter clogged? Consult our office.

Check to see if any filter has been clogged due to excessive contaminates and if so replace the filters

The ionized water is warm

Warm ionized water is possible initially depending on room temperature. This is not a problem. Drain some water until the water becomes cool. If there is no change after draining the water for some time call our office.


After the POWER button is pushed water drips from the outlet faucet

This is because we use the source stopping method. Any dripping water is what remains in the piping. This is not a problem.

Cleaning operation is in progress. This is not a problem.

If the dripping problem persists it may be caused by a foreign substance clogged in the Solenoid valve. Consult our office.

There is water condensation on the piping causing dripping

This occurs in very humid conditions or if there is a difference between room and water supply temperature. Avoid humid places. Use insulation material to rectify the situation.

The ionized water still smells strange after filter replacement

This may be because of contamination in the water passage. Clean the water passage. For information on the best cleaning method call our office

The machine keeps playing a melody while in the cleaning mode

The machine is designed to play a melody continuously. This is not a problem. The melody lasts for 30 seconds in automatic cleaning and continues when the cleaning button is in the down position.