Where can I order new filters?

Your can purchase your new BioNwater filters here on our website or by giving us a call at (916) 682-2466.

How long does shipping take?

Depending on where you live shipping can take 5-7 business days. We provide your tracking number through text message or email.

My pot broke, where do I call?

Please call our technical support line at  (888) 703-9880.

What are your customer service hours?

Reliable and knowledgeable staff is available 24/7 to take your call, email, or even online chat!

Please call our technical support line at  (888) 703-9880 


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Common Q & A's


What kind of filters should I use for replacement?

Since the lifespan of a filter depends on the contaminant being filtered, you should use the proper BioNwater filters.

What should I do if throughput falls noticeably too early (consumption indication 999)?

Check the water pressure of the water supply for any bent hoses. The filter simply requires replacement due to poor water quality. Replace the filters in such a case.

Why do I see white bubbles in the cup?

Bubbles are created in the course of electrolysis. You will see more bubbles right after filter replacement, but there is no reason for concern.

What is the white sediment found in the container of ionized water?

It is calcium contained in the water. It is safe to drink the water, but the containers should be cleaned. The easiest way to clean it is by soaking it with vinegar and then rinsing or wiping down.

How should I start taking alkaline ionized water initially?

Start with Level 1. If there are no idiosyncratic reactions after taking it for one or two weeks, adjust to Level 2 or 3, whichever is suitable for your condition.

I am on medications. Can I take medications with alkaline ionized water?

Take your medicine with the purified water. However alkaline ionized water is recommended for cooking and drinking.


Can I use an underground spring?

Sometimes this is not possible. Depending on the quality of the local underground spring, the level of pH may not be suitable for use in the machine. Make sure to measure the pH level of your underground spring in advance. If acidity is too high, consult your distributor or our head office.

Is it detrimental to drink acidic ionized water?

A small amount such as a cup will not cause problems. However, do not drink too much; if an excessive amount was ingested and you feel ill, consult a physician. 

What should I do with the machine when not in use for an extended period of time like 10 days?

Turn the power off by removing the power plug from the power receptacle. Remove the filters from the machine and keep them refrigerated in a vinyl bag. When you reuse the machine, put the filters in and drain water for 3 minutes before inserting the power plug into the receptacle.

*However, if you do not use the machine for more than a month, water in the filters may decompose. It is recommended to replace the filter before reusing the machine.

Can I keep the power cord plugged in if not using the machine for a long time?

Unless the period exceeds 10 days, do not remove the power cord from the receptacle. (The machine performs automatic self cleaning)

Can I drink it while pregnant?

Yes, drinking Alkaline Ionized BioNwater is safe to drink while pregnant.