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Carmen Menchie Escobia Jualo, Fairfield, CA

Bionwater Ionizer Machine is truly an amazing machine! We bought it because my husband has gout and suffering from pain in his lower extremities, after owning one he never have gout attack again and all his pain was gone. He could now eat foods that he can't eat before. His doctor lower down the Milligrams of his Blood Pressure medication and all our A1C became normal. Our skin improved and we both feel energetic daily. My sister-law is not suffering from urinary track infection anymore since she used the Ionizer Machine. The unique structured water that's coming out of this machine is truly the secret!!! 

Gilbert Murillo, Los Angeles, CA

I would say Bionwater is one of the best water ionizers in the market, the water really tastes so good and it's easy to operate. When my friend, who is a chemist, tested my water using his BDH35309.606 PH tester strip it was level 10 and he said it is a high ph. He was convinced to owned the machine. 

Romulo Roman G. Lumauig, Seattle, WA, Testimonials

The Best Alkaline Ionizer Machine Ever. My family and our 2 dogs enjoys the water immensely. It not only hydrates our body but neutralizes and detoxifies as well. If you're looking for the fountain of youth, this is it! Highly recommended 5 stars! 

Alicia Krause, Everman, TX

 I am so grateful having this BioNwater Alkaline Ionizer machine. It has been a great blessing and helps me and my family in so many ways: healthwise, from washing produce and other foods, removing chemicals to make it organic, to saving trips to the doctor, and most of all money. This Ionizer Machine has become a great part of my life. I don't know what I would do without it. 

Anabel RL, Seattle, WA

 If you're looking for an ionizer that could deliver, this alkaline ionizer is the one! Backed up by USFDA 1st class registration, has dual filters that thoroughly cleans and removes toxins and contaminants, uses platinized titanium plates that produces the highest negative ORP and is automatic self cleaning and self drainage. With all these remarkable features, prevention is a promise, healing is inevitable...Health is a choice! 

Raquel Ajose Perkins, Las Vegas, NV

Amazing product. One of a kind and a must have in every household! Very convenient; you're drinking only pure, clean and healthy water with a lot of health benefits. No more lactose intolerance and arthritis.That's why we call it "Miracle water" it neutralizes,detoxifies and hydrates our whole body. Saves a lot of money too! 

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Marie Ocampo, Quezon City, Philippines

I have experienced migraines since I was 18 years old and have taken pain relievers to minimize the pain. However, when I was introduced to alkaline water my migraine attacks have gradually decreased in a span of two weeks.

Warnie Villegas, Laguna, Philippines

I had been suffering from constipation for 20 years until alkaline ionized water helped me improve my bowel movements.

Richard Villegas, Laguna, Philippines

I suffered from gout pain for years. But after six months of drinking alkaline ionized water; it helped me tremendously. I no longer experience gout pains anymore.

Mack P, Phoenix, AZ

I've been drinking alkaline ionized water for almost six months and I can tell that it is a miracle water. My acid reflux has gone, no more constipation and even my sleeping habits have changed. I sleep like a baby now.This alkaline water is really an amazing water it works great for my health!

Edna Villegas, Elk Grove, CA

This is a very amazing Ionizer, it really helps me a lot for my health and for my family. If you have this machine it gives you unlimited supply of water that you know is always fresh and has a natural taste... And it's full of Oxygen. Thank God I found the best Ionizer in the World!

Lydia Manlangit, Elk Grove, CA

I have had high blood pressure for the last 20 years but due to drinking alkaline ionized water, my hypertension is now under control. From taking 20mg of Lisinopril before it has no gone down to 2.5mg. no other health concerns because of all the toxins caused by my medications are being eliminated by the alkaline ionized water that I am drinking regularly. 

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Lorna Santos, Pinole, CA

Before drinking alkaline ionized water, I had come across several problems concerning my health. Such as severe migraines, subconjuctival hemorrhage, plantar fasciitis and constipation. Once I started drinking alkaline water, my health problems occurred less and less. I feel healthier than ever before!

Jun Gundran, Bremerton, WA

I was suffering from joint pains and gout for years until RR & Anabel introduced BioNwater to us. It was just an amazing feeling when those pains started to vanish by drinking alkaline ionize water for just a week or so. What makes me very happy was the immediate result and health benefits my wife and I are getting daily from our Ionizer. Thank you very much BioNwater for coming to our home.  

Pilar Cocks, Anchorage, Ak

I have a persistent allergy and acid reflux since time immemorial which hinders my daily activities. However when I started drinking alkaline water from Bionwater both of my illnesses slowly disappeared. Now I can't leave the house without bringing my alkaline water with me at work. Happy and contented and will spread the news. Thank you. 

Josie Avis, Seattle, WA

My friends have been noticing that  I look much younger and more energetic, my secret?  Bionwater alkaline water! This is really the fountain of youth because it cleanses you inside and out. It also helped me eliminate my migraine as well.  I have been sharing the benefits of this water to everyone. 

Myta Bueno, Seattle, WA

I've been using the wheelchair due to difficulty in walking for the longest time because of Lumbar Spondylosis with Radiocolopathy, but since I've been drinking alkaline water I gradually improved my illness. At present I am now using just a cane, and who knows one day I might not need a cane anymore. I believe alkaline water really helped improve my illness and I'm happy and contented. Thank God!

Emy V., Seattle ,WA

I have stage 2 breast cancer and I just had chemo therapy and radiation . Since then I became very weak with no appetite at all.  However when  I started to drink alkaline ionized water it helped me tremendously, I'm slowly regaining my energy and has improved my appetite. I will do everything to help my body. This water is a blessing. 

Changing Lives

Efifania Alegre, Lincolnwood, IL

I had issues with acid reflux for fifteen years and used to treat with Prevacid. I started drinking alkaline ionized water in June of this year and since then I haven't had any issues with my acid reflux or had to take any medications.  

Michael Igros, Des Moines, Wa

My 2 weeks experience with drinking alkaline water was amazing.  I saw the results whenever I urinated, it was dark and had a foul smell. I know for a fact that my body was detoxifying . After a month of drinking this water I noticed a dramatic result in my blood work. I am a cancer survivor in remission for more than a year now and I'm taking 5 different medications but now I'm down to just 1.  The Alkaline water has also cleared my eczema that I had for so many years now.

Zeny Macatuno, Henderson, NV

I was skeptical before when it comes to drinking alkaline ionized water. It took awhile before a friend of mine finally convinced me to get one and give it a shot. After just a month of drinking the water I thanked God because it’s all worth the money that I paid for the machine. It helped my husband to lower his blood sugar levels, his arthritis is getting better and the acid water works wonderful as a feminine wash! I can’t thank you enough BioNwater! All you can drink unlimited alkaline and acid water with all the healthy benefits our body needs.

Jose Ceceria, Elk Grove, CA

When BioNwater Alkaline Ionizer machines were introduced to me I was already undergoing dialysis. After two weeks of drinking alkaline ionized water I noticed that I was no longer lethargic even after my dialysis treatments. I feel stronger and better than ever before. With your amazing customer service I will gladly promote your company! 

Lily Reyes, Canada

We are proud owners of the BioNwater Alkaline Ionizer producing alkaline ionized water for healthy, better living since June 27 2018. Since I started drinking alkaline ionized water from this machine, the first health problem that was solved was becoming regular in my bowel movements. I used to take 2-3 tablets of herbal laxative daily just to be regular. Thank God. I am looking forward to solving many other health issues I have in the near future!  

Marie Thorngrasmy, Lathrop, CA


For so many years I was embarrassed to shake or hold hands because of my eczema but after purchasing my BioNwater machine I started using the Acidic water and my hands have become much smoother and softer.

One Drop At A Time

Aisa Benigno, Honolulu, HI

I’m so glad that I got to know Auntie Adela and she introduced me to this Bionwater alkaline ionizer. Before, I’m suffering from Gastritis/Ulcer/Acid reflux, I need to take medicine everyday, or if it’s worst I need to go to the Emergency and gave me shots. But since I’m drinking the alkaline water, I don’t experience anymore the nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain and I don’t need to take my medicine. And also, my husband always complain of back pain before but now he don’t. So I’m thankful for this product. It’s really amazing and have a lot of benefits. Can’t wait also for my cookware. It’s better to invest for your health! 

Adela Gauina, Honolulu, HI

For me, BioNwater Alkaline Ionizer is the best in the whole world. Why? Because this machine changed my life. I drank Alkaline Ionized BioNwater and it got rid of my constipation, acid reflux, lactose intolerance, migraines and hot flashes caused by unbalanced hormones during the menopausal stage. This water is now apart of my life forever. I highly recommend it!

Ronnie Chua Magbanua, Los Angeles, CA

I could say that one of the greatest accomplishments in my life was quitting smoking. I was a heavy smoker for the past 35 years, consuming almost 2 packs of cigarettes a day; addicted to nicotine. I tried to stop smoking for the nth time, but seemed really hard to quit. But one day, I suffered a heart attack, lo and behold I did not have to have open heart surgery or any other method of procedure to undergo. Only a small portion of my veins had clogged-up. My cardiologist and her group were amazed I was in such a good condition that I didn't have to undergo any procedures. They all came to the conclusion that  since I drank Bionwater for a long time my heart was not fully clogged-up. That is when I decided to totally quit smoking. So for my therapy, I drink lots of Bionwater everyday. Thank God, I don’t have cigarette cravings anymore! Bionwater helps flush out the nicotine in my blood which passes through the veins. Furthermore, by drinking  Bionwater my energy increased which led me to do cardio exercises almost everyday, making my heart healthy and lose weight tremendously. I can breath freely now, enjoying life and the breeze of nature.

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