Rhey & Edna Villegas


National Group Sales Manager (NGSM)

My name is Edna Villegas.  I have four children, married to Rhey  Villegas and we live in Elk Grove, CA.  I have been a working business woman in the sales industry for over 25 years, both self-employed and in the direct selling business as another source of income.  I was introduced to Alkaline Ionized BioNwater when I attended a demonstration.  I was very impressed with the product that I purchased one right away.  I knew that it would help with my diabetes and acid reflux disease.  After just a few weeks or drinking Alkaline Ionized BioNwater,  I felt so much improvement with my health and my family noticed a difference too.  Because of these positive results, it was an easy decision for me to become a Sales Consultant for the company.  I started working right away and was promoted to the highest position in only a few months.  I have been with BioNwater International for about 4 years now and I am proud to share that it has been the most rewarding experience both financially and improving my quality of life.  My goal is to continue to become as productive as possible, sharing this company with everyone so they too can enjoy the benefits of Alkaline Ionized BioNwater and our generous earning opportunity.

Adela Gauina


Ian & Odeth Gonzalez


National Group Sales Manager (NGSM)

My wife and I had been looking for a better opportunity since we migrated here to the United States. We became involved in different kinds of businesses and one of them is MLM. It was 2010 when this MLM business was introduced to us. We were so passionate about it hoping that this business would really change our lives, but unfortunately it didn’t happen.  In January 2017, I began looking for a job and went back to regular work to make ends meet. One day my wife and I were praying that God will give us a better business opportunity. In December of 2017, BioNwater introduced to us Miss Adela Gaunia. We decided to buy a machine knowing that it would really benefit us. And Thank God, it really does. With the very lucrative compensation plan of the company, we decided to try the business as part timers by introducing it first to our families and friends. We became more excited and worked more until we reached certain positions that the company’s great opportunity would offer. Not only has it been lucrative for us but we’ve also seen great changes from the clients we have using Alkaline Ionized BioNwater. With that been said, we are now full time with BIONWATER INTERNATIONAL. We would like to give thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Erick & Lovie Rivera, Miss Adela Gaunia and to all of you BioNwater family. And most especially to our God who allowed us to be part of this amazing company.

Mabuhay ang BioNwater International!!!

Romel & Lorna Santos


National Group Sales Manager (NGSM)

Hi everyone! My name is Romel and my wife is Lorna. Let us start by greeting our reader, “May the month of July bring prosperity and joy to every family of Bionwater”.  We give a very special shout out and warm appreciation to our boss, Lovie and Erick, for bringing us aboard to join and grow with the company’s success. Thank you for allowing us to be featured in this month’s newsletter. As we all know, Bionwater has proven its potential and has become the best product for health awareness. Through the fast growth of the brand and vast widespread of the product nationwide in a span of one year, the company has added ways and products to improve any lifestyle. Bionwater then launched its cookware made with titanium stainless steel, which awakens a new and polished way of healthy eating, fit for any family and they don’t stop there. They continue to experiment and open ways where anyone can implement a simple,

yet life changing decision. In addition, direct selling has become a growing form of employment. Bionwater promotes success and opportunities of becoming your own boss! January 2017, Lorna and I decided to start our Bion Journey. Our first thoughts after witnessing the presentation (and maybe have came to your mind too)

1) I love the alkaline water machine…

2) I need to have that machine for my family’s health…

3) I could do what the presenter is doing and share the information to my love ones and friends…

4) I would like to join the company…

If these ARE your thoughts, then you are on the path towards change! Simple requirements: complete FIVE demonstrations with the recruiting presenter. Practice… THEN, you will present in front of our bosses and managers. If you pass, CONGRATULATIONS! It will be the start of unlimited earnings…. Yes! unlimited earnings plus fabulous gifts! Here’s my advice to those considering joining the journey, and I promise you won’t regret it! May be nervous at first but should be confident. Always be positive, for a positive mindset attracts positive results! Be informative, after all, we are emphasizing the beauty of this healthy product and its benefits. The product will sell itself, so trust in what you are selling and be honest. Don’t be afraid to share your own personal testimonies for this adds reliability with the customer knowing that YOU, yourself, believe in what you are promoting. Hearing, “How much is the machine… How much is the cookware… HOW CAN I GET MY HANDS ON IT?... MY FAMILY NEEDS IT” is gratifying, knowing that you were able to reach out to that family, changing their outlook on healthy eating and drinking, and closing a sale.  “Is there a down side of becoming part of the team?” you might ask. You didn’t close the sale? Did you feel as if it wasn’t your best? THAT’S OKAY! Not every demo will go as planned and THAT IS OKAY! There’s always room for improvement. Lovie and Erick and your NGSM are understanding and are always willing to help mold you to be the best presenter you can be. Lorna and I have experienced that as well. To be honest, Bionwater made us feel cared for that even though some days we did not walk out with a sale, it made us feel

positive that there’s more ways to improve the way we present, the way we approach, and that’s all thanks to management support. Bionwater is the company that cares! Though we are not top sellers in the group of NGSM, we continue to book in Island Pacific or Seafood City and getting referrals by reaching out to our booking partners. WE DON’T STOP! Aside from working, we remain busy with Church and supporting our now, grown up children to balance this routine of ours. Scheduling a demo is a product of persistence. Be friendly and offer Bionwater to anyone willing to make a change in their life. We’ve had previous customers tell us how much it has helped them. We had a customer who was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease who hadn’t spoke for years and upon drinking Alkaline Water regularly, his family was pleased with the results that he was able to slowly communicate again. For those who don’t purchase the product, always keep them for record and keep in touch from time to time. It pays off, when in the future, they are ready to invest in their health. To cap this article, We are humbled to be in the NGSM corner of the month. Wow mid-year sales conference newsletter hooray! To Lovie and Erick, we will be forever grateful. Thanks to our office staff Rachel, Elizabeth, Bong, ate Mila, Kuya Romy. We will never forget the help of ate Lydia, Edna and Ray who assisted us during our 5 sales training. Finally, congratulations to all Bion achievers!  We are all winners in Bionwater! Happy 4th of July, and Happy birthday to all July celebrants! May GOD Bless Us All! 

Lydia Manlangit


National Group Sales Manager (NGSM)

Being in the medical profession I do believe that “health is wealth” and that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. When I started working with BioNwater International I had a full-time job as a Medical Technologist. “Just Over Broke”, as they joke about jobs. So, I just did this part time around 4-5 hours a week. But sometimes this

amount of time exceeds whatever I get from my full-time job. I would say it helps us alleviate our life. So last year when Oscar asked me to retire two years ahead of my retirement, I gladly agreed. I’m really looking forward to being a full time consultant at BioNwater because I believe that educating more people about the advantage of owning

our products is more beneficial for them and their families. I found our BioNwater products like cookware and Vivenso to be extremely easy to use. The sleek design and the craftsmanship made it unusually comfortable to hold. I am highly pleased with the quality of our products. Needless to say, our number one machine the alkaline water ionizer has been in the market since February 27, 1986. That’s the reason my family and I are still with BioNwater International. The appreciation from my customers I deal with makes me more motivated to sell our products. My customers have always been pleased by the service, professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly which exceeded their expectations. The leadership of our mentors and humble owners of BioNwater International make it easy for us to learn and earn more. Their leadership and words of encouragement mean a lot to the team. We are all lucky to be apart of this company owned by the young, generous, and very hardworking couple our bosses Erick and Lovie Rivera. Let’s take a piece of the pie and Don’t Give Up!

William & Racquel Perkins


National Group Sales Manager (NGSM)


In 2013 I attended a water presentation in Sacramento, CA. A friend of ours had invited us to their house for a water demo and out of curiosity my friend and I went there to listen and watch. That is the first time I met Lovie and Erick. They were just hardworking consultants at that time, now very proud owners of big time company Bionwater International LLC! Erick did a very good job presenting his product, I was so amazed but investing in the machine at that time was not my priority.

After a year I moved to AZ and became separated from my only friend of many years Adela. She worked in a senior facility and decided to be a Bionwater consultant at the same time. With all the hardship and perseverance, she’s now one of the top selling consultants. Adela is the one who opened my mind about this amazing product. Every time we were on the phone she couldn’t stop praising all the things she experienced since she became an owner of the machine. 

I worked in a family owned residential care home in AZ, so I kept busy everyday. Until one day in September of 2015, I met someone that changed my life. To make a long story short, we got married and I moved to Nevada to live with him in the City of Sin. Around the same time, Adela decided to move from Sacramento to Las Vegas to spread the word about Bionwater. This is when I finally became a consultant after two months of using the machine. My husband who’s very conscious about health was really amazed with the water. He has not had any other kind of water since we made the switch. Because he has a spinal cord injury, alkaline water has helped him a lot, no more pain and no more medication.

I have never worked in direct-selling jobs before which is why I am so excited to become one of the amazing consultants of this company. The owners, staff, consultants and all the members are very supportive. They inspire and motivate each and everyone in the business. I love what I am doing now, no need to get up early in the morning, no more 8-12 work hours a day, and I have more time for my husband as well as myself. Being a consultant is not that easy, it takes a lot of patience, motivation, a positive mind, and knowing how to accept “No’s” from clients. I am in awe with all the other consultants who contribute and makes big money with this company and I know that someday I will be one of them too! Never, ever give up! Having worked with Bionwater for more than a year and a half now, I would say it has helped me to become more confident in myself. I can express myself and talk confidently now in front of a group of people, which I was too shy to do before. 

All in all, I am a proud Bionwater member, why? Because you will never find any other company that is so generous, kind and supportive like our two bosses Lovie and Erick. Hooray to both and to our Bionwater company. God bless our business and more power to all of us!

Gilbert & Daisy Pallado


National Group Sales Manager


Back in 2007, we hosted a demo presentation for one direct selling company at our home. During the presentation, I was paying attention to the benefits of the product due to my health condition that bothers me mentally and emotionally.  My concentration that time was to own the product because I was convinced that it could help a lot with my health.   I decided then to invest on it.  Going into the direct selling industry was not my main concern before because I had a full time job in one of the biggest Medical Center in Los Angeles.  What I have in mind that time was to get my health better with the product I bought.  As time passed, I was closely monitoring my health by having general lab works done every 6 months.  My doctor told me that every result of the lab work showed a tremendous change from worst to getting better.  Within that period of time, the Sales Agent who did the presentation at my house was also checking up on me by calling and asking how I’m feeling.  During our constant conversation,  she asked me if I want to join their company and try to spread my wings in direct selling.  She said that by doing that,  I would also add conviction  to my presentation because I myself experienced the good benefits of the product.  At first I was very hesitant to say yes because I believed that I am not comfortable facing and talking to different  nationalities.  But on the other hand,  I was also convinced that if I’m going to do it,  I would be able to share my first hand experience and help other people who are also suffering from different health conditions like me.  I did end up making the decision to try it as my part time job.  It took me more than a month to feel comfortable and do the presentation by myself.  My first month as a Sales Consultant was very memorable because I was awarded the Top Sales of the Month.  That accomplishment motivated myself to not only spread my wings wide but to fly high.  After awhile, I realized that I am getting more comfortable and feeling the freedom of working in the direct selling industry plus being able to put extra money in my pocket.  After 5 years of using my Alkaline Water Ionizer,  my creatinine level went down from 6.9 to 1.26 and my doctor told me that my kidney has gone back to normal.  In 2012, I decided to quit my job and work full time in direct selling.  I could say that there was really a big difference.  I don’t have to wake up early and get home late, and one more thing,  I have the choice because I manage my own time. 

In 2015,  one of the biggest and fast rising company in the market, BioNwater International LLC approached me and offered the unbeatable compensation plan that no one can say no!  It is the same nature of business that I have but the products are more upgraded and certified by USFDA.  For me,  with more to offer, it would be easier to introduce the BioNwater Alakaline Ionizers.  Not to mention that the earning opportunity is really great.  Everybody knows that with W2 income, we need years of service in order to raise our pay-check by $10.00 to $20.00 every year.  So I immediately grabbed the offer right away and started working.  In a short period of time, there was a big turn around with my sales and income.  Joining BioNwater has been really beneficial to me and my family.   We were able to send our 2 sons to a private school  and I would say that providing a good education to our children is our biggest accomplishment.  Looking at my sons on the stage, holding their diploma,  is simply priceless.  No amount of money can compare to that feeling.  In this company, I was also able to improve my skills in the trade.  The recognition awards, higher commission and lucrative incentive are also perks that we enjoy.

I have been with BioNwater International for a couple of years now, there is really no turning back.  Where can you find a company that allows  you to work with less stress but earn more, experience going places - staying at 5 star hotels, receive expensive & signature collections for free?  So for those people who are wanting a positive change in their lives, BioNwater International is the company that you are looking for!  For me, success is not a fortune.  It’s all about the talent, the passion, the hard work, the discipline, the dedication and the determination to reach the goal, then success will follow. There are lots of books where we can learn and get ideas on how to become successful but no matter how many books we read everyday, success will not be achieved if we don't put things into action.  In my past experience, I have already encountered lots of different bad and good scenarios.  I don't however take a bad situation as a something negative.  I instead turn it into positive to motivate myself to do better.  With the good scenarios, I use them to build up my self confidence.  

I’ve been married to my wife Daisy for 18 years and we have our twin sons Darren and Harlan.  We love going to the malls, eating in restaurants and going to Mass together - it's part of our family bonding.  One thing that I could share to keep your relationship successful is to build a solid love and patience within yourself.  My ultimate goal is to build our dream house in order to keep us together and bind into one happy family.  I believe that with BioNwater International, nothing is impossible!

Don & Emalyn Silla


National Group Sales Manager

It was 2002 when my husband, Donato, and I were introduced to the cookware industry.  My brother, Franco, was working as a caretaker and someone did an in-home presentation at their facility, claiming that their product was “waterless cooking” and didn’t require oil to fry chicken.  He was amazed by the products and ended up setting a presentation for us.  At first, I laughed off the idea that it was possible to cook sinigang (traditional Filipino tamarind-based soup) without water, since I grew up making that dish countless times.  However, it was explained to us by my brother that there were no obligation to buy any of their products or do anything else, so we decided to just let them explain their product to us.  To our amazement, everything they claimed was true and we were sold on the product and the lifestyle change that came with it.  Before the presenter left, we inquired more about becoming a booking partner and decided to give it a try.  Kuya Ernie and Ate Bernie Torrejon were actually the ones who presented to us in our apartment 16 years ago and were our first mentors within the industry. Ever since then, they’ve been supporting and guiding us.  Prior to our introduction into the cookware industry, I was a third grade teacher, while my husband was (and currently is) employed in the Los Angeles Fire Department as a GIS specialist.  Looking back at our sixteen years in the industry, our first month as a Junior Consultant was memorable.  In this month, we were the Top Sellers of the June 2002, selling 24 cookware sets within 17 days.  We wouldn’t have done so well without the support of our mentors Kuya Ernie and Ate Bernie Torrejon.  I really love this kind of business, I love the fact that you are in charge of your own schedule, because as a full-time mom, it is hard for me to work an 8 hour shift and be here for my children at the same time.  With this type of business, I can do both!  I would have to attribute a majority of my success to the moral support my mentors and my family have given me.  Without their belief in us, Don and I wouldn’t have gotten this far.  

For those want to try the business I should say, go for it!  The only thing stopping yourself from achieving success is you.  Too often, we’re stuck with the questions of “should I?” And “is it worth it?” floating inside our heads, holding us back from being the successful people we were meant to be.  The first step to success is believing in yourself.   Also, don’t waste your time by being lazy!  The book I would recommend for anyone is “Secrets of Closing the Sale”,  by Zig Ziglar.   Another book I would recommend is also by Zig Ziglar, entitled “Born to Win: Find Your Success”.  These two books helped me implement and strengthen by persuasive abilities and overall sales techniques.  I have one good experience to share.  When we were in Chicago, we ended up going to a presentation with 14 couples. The hostess of the presentation invited people, not thinking they would all come. It was surely a bit of a surprise to us when we arrived, but we ended up leaving with 8 sales that presentation.  

Don and I have three children: James, Katherine, and Joshua.  James is 20 and he  is taking Marketing as his major in college, Katherine is 18 and she  is currently a Forensic Science major, while Joshua is 14 years old and he is 1st year in high school.  Besides that, my brother Franco and my mom, Emma (the kids call her “Wawa”) live with us as well. They give us a lot of moral support.  I love spending time with my family, because as my kids grow older, they have less and less time to spend with the family, so I take every chance I can.  I also want to bring joy into my mom’s life by taking her out to eat at her favorite restaurants, go to the salon, and just enjoy herself. I am currently working toward my goal of being a distributor, God permit. I also want to see my three children grow up with a pedestal of success.

Ronnie & Melinda Magbanua


National Group Sales Manager

“Work is not your enemy but your friend.” This is a quote from Og Mandino, author of one of our favorite books, ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World.’ Our success was not achieved overnight. We were college sweethearts, some decades ago, graduated with the same degree in Commerce, major in Accounting. We took separate paths, taken jobs in different fields which also led to a temporary long distance relationship. We both  came from families with parents who struggled to support half a dozen of children. Our backgrounds are no different than that of many Filipinos. We thrived, despite of the pressures within our families to finish college with degrees we did not desire to take. Every step of the way, we shared a common goal: work as hard as we can in order to succeed in life. It didn’t matter that we lived in a rented room as a young couple even after having our only daughter. It didn’t matter that one of us had to wake up at 3 AM every morning in order to take the bus to work. It didn’t matter that both of us had to work a boring 9 to 5 desk job. What mattered the most is we’re doing it together, as husband and wife, as parents, as partners. Eventually, as years went by and as our daughter was growing up, the course of our career paths also changed. It was not until a decade after  that we both agreed to a new chapter. We collaborated in direct selling. Top Sales People of the Year, Highest Grossing Salesmen of the Year are only a few of the many awards we received since teaming up in the 90's in the Philippines. We never thought we would be reaping similar rewards when we transferred to the United States. As husband and wife, we have our differences. What normal couple does not? What makes us work as business partners is the willingness to improve by discussing issues objectively. We do not agree in most situations, but, we always end up with a compromise. Endorsing a product is not easy when you don’t have the slightest idea what your product is about. Defining your product is not where it ends, however. Selling is not merely presenting what’s in a box and bleed one’s ears using scientific jargon and testimonies of other people. There are useful information we utilize as part of our research but the best salesman is also the one who applies the product to themselves first hand and gives a solid recount of the results. We’re not a perfect team but we value our relationship enough to know that what we have is rare and beautiful. It’s a miracle in and of itself to work together daily. It teaches us patience and empathy. Our personal relationship has been through many tides for almost 40 years. It’s been the same in business. We were always fueled by our dreams of giving ourselves the best life. We are grateful to God that, although, we have fought long and hard, things normally work out because we’re given a platform to build a quality life while pursuing our passion. As Consultant/Manager of Bionwater International, we are given that opportunity every day to continue to improve our lives as a family. Through the product’s health benefits, we are able to share it with those who have yet to learn what Alkaline Ionized water is and why 316 Titanium Cooking System is the best.  Previously, we also joined prestigious companies with good products, but, Bionwater International is an exemption given their top of the line and world class quality. We also enjoy unique compensation plan, bonuses, and gifts. Every single effort we render is compensated. Through the years, our goals have changed just as our visions

have changed. As salespeople, we are no longer solely driven by its financial benefits. We have grown in this industry and realized that by sharing these positive health information, we also inspire. As we grow an army of health conscious people, we are confident that in  our almost three years with Bionwater International, it was a great investment of time and as we move forward, we believe that the army of believers of our products will only grow and more men and women will come forward to share their own life experiences and how we, as a team, have changed their lives, just as Bionwater International has changed ours

RR & Anabel Lumuaig


National Group Sales Manager

In April 2016, we made a life changing decision to quit our day jobs to become full time Independent Contractors of Bionwater International. Huge? Yes! Regrets? Not at all! Why did we do it? We did it simply because we saw the possibilities of this fast growing company; the products are top of the line, pay structure is irresistible, management

support is superb, and above all, being with this company feels like home.It has been a roller coaster ride for us as each day brought along with it new challenges; selling is rewarding but a truly difficult profession to have. The road to success is always under construction, paved with repeated rejections and disappointments, but we find that persistence and personal motivation are key to success. It has been said time and time again, but the secret really lies in having daily activity - there is no short cut to success. The rewards though are over the top so bring it on or nothing. We have been owners of

Alkaline Ionizers since 2005 but it was only with Bionprime that my migraine, which I have been suffering from since I was in college, and joint pains were relieved. In RR’s case, our alkaline water helped him with his weight lost and diabetes; as with my son with his acid reflux. Because of the health benefits our product provides, we have become passionate in sharing our knowledge and personal experiences on our daily interactions with people. It is our hope, in our own little way, to help as many families as possible in Seattle and Alaska with our product. In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy the ride as we are certain it is only going to take us higher beyond anyone's expectation.