8 Different Kinds of Water

5 Levels of Alkaline

2 Acidic

1 Purified

Our Undersink Water Ionizer

Dual Filter

7 Plates Platinum Titanium

Product Size Faucet: 242(W) x 294(H) x 63(D)mm

Product Size Body: 320(W) x 400(H) x 140(D)mm

Wattage: 150 Watts

Faucet Weight: 2.5kg

Body Weight: 6.5kg


KFDA Product License Number 08-868 

USFDA Registration


User Friendly LCD Screen


2" LCD screen easily provides information to users 

Easy To Use Control Panel


Soft touch panel for one touch operating modes 

Smart Filters


  • Displays current level of filter use on the LCD screen
  • Filter replacement message is voiced and shown on the screen
  • Built in genuine filter recognition function 

AI System


AI controlled system enables stable use of product and voice guidance system enhances user convenience 


Core Technology

Electrolytic Cell

  • Ionization capability through increased use of pure titanium and 99% platinum coating.
  • Ionization by embossing effect from sanded electrode surface
  • High anti-corrosion and continual electrolytic function
  • Technology that generates high ORP value even in low pH
  • DARC System is equipped with a ceramic valve to prevent scale buildups inside the electrolytic cell
  • Leak prevention through rigid molding

Anti-Scale System / DARC

  • Durability using ceramic discs
  • Automatic disc conversion notification sensor prevents mixing of alkaline and acidic water.

Filter Function

  • Bottom-up flow structure enables precision water purification
  • Pyramid structure enhances compression within filters for better purification function
  • High quality active carbon produces cleaner water
  • The calcium net within the filter adds various mineral in the water, increasing water quality
  • Fillers made from high quality materials result in effective purification
  • Water purification ability is magnified using compressed 7-layer purification materials
  • Hollow fiber membrane filtering removes harmful heavy metals but leaves various minerals
  • Use of smart filter prevents use of counterfeits


Genuine High Performance Composite Filters

Composite Carbon Filter & Composite UF Membrane Filter enables water to fulfill its' role and function. Made from strictly selected raw materials whose quality has been certified under international standards. 


Diagram of Ionized Water Production

Urified water is electrolyzed in the electrolytic cell of the electrolysis stage where the anode (+) where acid negative ions such as chlorine, sulfide, and nitrate ions gather generates acidic ionized water and the cathode (-) where alkaline positive ions such as calcium, magnesium and sodium ions gather generates alkaline ionized water.

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