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In Home Demonstrations

Our consultants schedule in home demonstrations with clients to conduct free water testing and to share valuable information about the health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water. During the presentation, the consultant conducts testing of various types of water such as tap water, bottled water, and hostess’ drinking water for acidity (pH testing). Other tests are done to illustrate how alkaline detoxifies impurities and toxins in our body, and how alkaline provides the needed electrolytes and energy. 

Our consultants will also cook with our BioNcookware products to demonstrate how you don't need oil or water to cook along with sharing information about the health benefits of cooking with 316 Titanium Surgical Steel.

The Perks of a party host

Free gifts are provided to the hosts of our in home demonstrations depending on the number of guests invited – at no charge and free shipping. 

If an invited guest decides to purchase, the host will also receive $100.

Free Hostess Gifts

SS Whistling Kettle


Features wide T304 stainless steel construction; 5-ply impact bonded capsule bottom; mirror finish exterior and interior; opening lever; lid with soft rubber-touch handle; ergonomically designed soft rubber-touch handle; and whistles when the water is ready.

2-3 Couples

Knives Set


Features ergonomically designed handles, full tang construction, heavy-duty durability, and traveling storage case. Includes 13" chef's knife, 13" bread knife, 13" slicing knife, 9-1/2" utility knife, 8" paring knife, and 13" sharpener.

3 Couples 

Heavy Duty Cleaver


An ergonomically designed, well-balanced knife featuring full-tang construction for heavy-duty durability. Blade is finished with satin polish that resists corrosion and pitting. Measures 15-1/2" overall, with a 9-1/8" blade 

2-3 Couples

SS Kitchen Shears


Ultra sharp, heavy duty kitchen shears. Easily cuts through meat and small bones. Features an ergonomic handle.

1 Couple  

T304 5-Ply Stainless Steel Double Griddle


Flip enough pancakes for the crowd in one go, or team up foods and cook both at the same time – bacon & eggs, hamburgers and grilled garden vegetables, this stainless double griddle offers plenty of cooking space. 45 degree angle raised lip around the outside of the griddle keeps food in the pan while letting you easily move food around. The Precise Heat™ by Maxam® T304 5-Ply Stainless Steel Double Griddle features 5-ply, heavy-duty stainless steel construction with riveted side handles. Measures 18-1/8" x 11-3/8" x ¾ 

3-4 Couples

T304 1.7qt Saucepan


The saucepan is one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen, and the Maxam® 12-Element 1.7qt Saucepan with Cover can be used in so many ways. When funds are limited, the best way to build a set of kitchen cookware is by buying one high-quality piece at a time. This T304 stainless steel pan features Steam Control™ cover valve will give years of service. The capsule bottom heats quickly and evenly, with no hot spots. Fitted with a heavy-duty handle with handy hang-up design, and the mirror finish exterior blends beauty and elegance. Dishwasher safe 

2 Couples

T304 SS Square Griddle


 T304 5-Ply SS Square Griddle features a satin bottom finish inside and wire stainless steel riveted side handles.  

2 Couples

T304 SS Wok


T304 Stainless Steel Wok features a Steam Control Knob, dome cover, phenolic handle, and measures 11-7/8" x 9 3/4"

4-5 Couples

BioNwater Freshmate


Air Purifier with Ion and Aromatherapy with 6 functions. 

4-5 Couples

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